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About Us

Founded on May 8, 2002, Tue Linh Co. Ltd is one of the pioneers in Vietnam in the field of health care with products from medicinal. We understand that health is the most valuable possession of people, that is the reason why Tue Linh constantly invests into research, standardizes raw materials, upgrades modern production facilities, trains and retrains staff  in order to market the products from traditional medicine and the most effective and safest functional food for Vietnamese people. Having existed and developed for more than 10 years, Tue Linh is proud to make contribution into creating the reputation and value of the precious domestic pharmaceutical as Jiaogulan, Solanum,  Garlic, Glutinous Gac, Artocarpus tonkinensis .The products of companies such as Tue Linh Liver Detox, Tue Linh  Jiaogulan, Tue Linh Ca Solanum,Tue Linh  Garlic oil, Tue Linh Gac oil, …have accompanied million people’s health for more than one decade.


Becoming a leading prestigious group in Vietnam in researching, conserving and developing medicinal and medicinal products, functional food from Vietnam herbal medicinal. Being a reputable brand for providing medicinal and herbal products and well-known in the world market.


Tue Linh commits to conserve, sustainably develop and effectively applies Vietnam medicinal in caring, enhancing health for everyone

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